Testing Out Adobe Spark ... and Making Something Beautiful

August 1, 2016

A Speedy Power-Tool for Social Media Content Creators

If you are not familiar with Adobe Spark, it is a new software tool from Adobe that is specifically designed to create social-media-postable messaging and memes. It let's you create short, fast images and videos on the fly from pc and mobile device and then over-dub music and recorded audio without having to jump into Photoshop or AfterEffects. 


Sure, the options are limited (a few more default audio backgrounds would be nice). But MOST of the time we need to be able to create two or three postables before we finish our morning latté. If your message requires high quality and slicker production values -- something more corporate-like or a long-tail video -- you are still going to open the big magic box that is the Adobe Creative Suite and dig deep. But when you feel the need for speed and still want something that looks professional, we really like this tool.


We'll Be Your Huckleberry

We decided to test out Adobe Spark. And yes, we use ourselves for the Guinea Pig. The result is below. The audio has a little too much reverb here and there, but it was recorded at my desk on the iPhone -- no special equipment. Images were all licensed through iStock and / or in house-owned or created. Total time from start to publish was about 75 minutes, and that was for a cold, first time user. The interface is fairly intuitive and works well on desktop and iPad. 


Click on the image below to watch the video and see what you think. 


We liked it and have already used it for a customer. 




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