The Wehabagee Concept

Learning About The Wehabagee Concept

Thanks for attending one of my presentations. Here's the scoop ... 


"The Wehabagee Concept" isn't really a thing yet. But it sort of sounds like it should be, right? So let's make it happen together. Think of it as linguistically similar to the phrase:


"we have to agree."


And since it is something new and unexpected, it catches attention without being too provocative or "wrong."


In short ... I made you look.


And by looking it has cemented this idea - The Wehabagee Concept - in your mind and does a bunch of other persuasion and messaging things in the process. 


Poof! Just like that ... a new term is coined and what was once nothing - The Wehabagee Concept - is now actually something. The elements of persuasion are combined with a communication concept called "performative utterance" (the act of saying and applying words and meaning transforms it into something). It becomes an act of creation.


As a communications and human behavior nerd, I think that's cool.


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